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Конкурс завершен: 31.05.2014
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When officials in Baku released several high-profile journalists, including investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, from prison in May last year, the international media rights community breathed a sigh of relief. But any optimism was short-lived, with authorities in recent months prosecuting journalists and bloggers, and passing restrictive online media laws. [more]
The Government’s Deepening Assault on Critical Journalism [more]
The Hungarian-British writer Arthur Koestler, born in Budapest at the turn of the last century, became, over the course of his life, intimately familiar with the dangers of authoritarianism. [more]
They will continue to spend several million euros on these programs starting next year. But they decided to spend the money in Ukraine on Hromadske TV, an internet-based station, and Detector Media, a media watchdog. [more]
Kyiv Post
Standing at the door to her house in Stroganovka, a suburb of Simferopol, Fera Abdullaeva apologizes for the mess inside. There are boxes of potatoes brought by concerned neighbors, and more boxes of clothes and belongings gathered together after a pre-dawn search by Russian security services on Oct. 12 turned the house upside-down. [more]
Alongside a stream of rhetoric from Europe and the United States on strengthening measures against Russia over Ukraine and Syria, another, smaller stream is flowing the other way, of foreign business and individuals into sanctioned Crimea. [more]
The European centre for press and media freedom (ECPMF) has published an open letter to Petro Poroshenko, calling to react to violance towards the journalists in Ukraine. Western media compare the new wave of violence and absence of government response with the times of Kuchma. Ukrainian media experts strongly disagree with such assessments. [more]
MYMEDIA compiled a list of key events which formed independent Ukraine media scene, changed it or became symbolic. [more]
MYMEDIA talked to Satter about Russian propaganda: how its strategy differs in the United States, Europe and Ukraine, and whether the governments in these regions react adequately to Putin’s disinformation. [more]
We call on the Government of Turkey to revoke the measures under the state of emergency, the application of which, in practice is incompatible with Turkey’s human rights obligations. [more]
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