Christopher J. Miller
Christopher J. Miller
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I’m an editor at leading English-language weekly the Kyiv Post in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am a contributing reporter for GlobalPost and Mashable, and have published with The Telegraph and The Times of London, among other media.

In autumn 2012, in the run-up to Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, I worked with the Institute of Mass Information (Інститут масової інформації) in Kyiv, writing and translating stories about press freedom violations and journalists’ rights.

Over the past six years I’ve worked as a reporter, web editor and business editor for other daily, weekly and monthly local and regional newspapers and magazines.

A native of Portland, Oregon, a graduate of Portland State University and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine 2010-2012), I enjoy Stumptown Coffee when I can get it, street food and cross-country train travel. Besides the U.S., I’ve lived in both Eastern Europe and China, and I’m hoping to add a few more places to that list.

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Политическая журналистика , Экономическая журналистика , Культура , Общество

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Ukrainian, separatist forces have new exchange of prisoners near Donetsk

Ukrainian forces and separatist militia carried out another prisoner exchange on Sept. 28. [далее]

Civilians Caught In Crossfire: Safer to stay home or leave?

But leaving the war zone might be trickier than it sounds. For one, the insurgents say they have no clue about these green corridors. Also, the designated routes are dangerous to navigate, as the Ukrainian army, which has been tightening its circle around Donetsk and Luhansk in the course of the anti-terrorist operation, randomly shells them. [далее]

Poroshenko confirms that Russia sent 1,200 fighters, new military hardware to insurgents in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, after a meeting with heads of security forces, said that the government has confirmed that Russia recently sent to Ukraine military reinforcements for the insurgents, including 1,200 trained militants and additional armoured vehicles. [далее]

Rockets reportedly kill fleeing civilians in eastern Ukraine; Kyiv, insurgents swap blame

Rockets struck and killed many civilians fleeing the besieged eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk, burning some of them alive inside their cars, the military said on Aug. 18. [далее]

Rebel leader says 1,200 Russian fighters, weapons en route to eastern Ukraine (VIDEO)

The rebel leader in Donetsk has said a column of military hardware is on its way to eastern Ukraine from Russia. [далее]

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