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20 journalists will be trained in the management of public service organizations
On the 13th-17th of March Institute of leadership and management of the Ukrainian Catholic University with the project MyMedia will organize the first module of Certified program ‘Management of public service organizations’. The purpose of the program is to promote the development of management skills among media organizations’... [more]
Review of winners’ materials for “Belarus is in the focus” contest
Among the winners are representatives from Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Great Britain and Belarus. So, one of the winners between professional journalists became Ardzhemino Barro (Argemino Barro) from Spain, an author of the report ‘Looking for Red October’ (text is available in ENG, ES, FR – ed.). It’s a story... [more]
TV broadcasters from small ukrainian cities about public service broadcasting
First entry for the contest about public service broadcasting was sent from Alexandria city, Kirovohrad region. The article ‘Free TV for free people’ was published on the 6th of February in local weekly ‘City Courier’. ‘I don’t really hope to win or to get any nomination but would like to see some TV... [more]
Entries from 28 countries were submitted for “Transmedia” workshop
For 120 projects organizers have received 122 applications of young scientists from 28 countries among which were even India, Philippines, Indonesia and Morocco. Most applications for TransMedia Workshop (TMW – furher) were of course submitted from Ukraine – 65 projects. Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and Slovakia were also... [more]
New award for the best student’s material about PSB
Journalism students will be able to win 4000 uah in the contest of materials about public service broadcasting. New award for the best student’s material is appeared in the recently announced competition about PSB that is held by Telekritika. The student-author of the best material will receive 1000 UAH prize and an additional order for... [more]
Telekritika launches the contest of materials about public service broadcasting
Entries are accepted until March 31st. The winner will receive 4000 UAH and an additional order for 3000 UAH. For the contest will be accepted articles, TV and radio programs on the topic ‘Public service broadcasting in Ukraine’: the purpose, principles of public service broadcasting, its differences from the commercial media,... [more]
UCU to hold School of International Journalism II
The School will take place on February 28 — March 1 in L'viv, and will be dedicated to the relations between the EU, Ukraine and Russia. The participants will be selected on a competitive basis. Students of 4th and 5th year of humane and socioeconomic disciplines as well as aspiring journalists up to 28 years old can apply for the contest.... [more]
Media Law Institute and Niras organised a side event, devoted to transparency of media ownership, on 25 September within the OSCE annual Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2013 that was taking place in Warsaw. MLI promoted it by drafting the announcement before the event, posting it on its website and sending it out its partners, alumni of... [more]
UCU to hold the “TRANSMEDIA” symposium for the media
The Symposium will be held on March 21 - 22 at the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University, and will become an academic platform for exchanging ideas, projects and scientific research results between aspiring scientists and well-known researchers. SMS'2014 embraces 3 directions: media research, media criticism and the new... [more]
As a part of the “MYMEDIA” project the “Telekritika” NGO has conducted a poll on people's expectations of public broadcasting service. The poll results showed that the absolute majority (76%) isn't aware of the idea of starting a public broadcasting service in Ukraine. Those who do know about it want to see high-quality... [more]
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