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Call for Investigative projects and investigations
In 2013, a joint venture of Niras/BBC launched a four-year media development programme, funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry. The programme works in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. MYMEDIA has investigative journalism as a top priority, implemented through Project Objective. In view of the... [more]
The Winners of the Public service broadcasting contest have been rewarded
The laureates of the public service broadcasting contest were announced during the bar-camp “Digital Journalism, Information Security, and Elections Reflection” carried out on May 17-18 in Bucha and organized by the Telekritika non-governmental organization. The first place was taken by the journalist and screenwriter Vladimir... [more]
Telekritika shot a movie about public service broadcasting
The purpose of the video is to simply and explain what is public service broadcasting like and how it differs from public and commercial media. In September 2013 Telekritika ordered sociological survey which revealed that 76% of the population of Ukraine know absolutely nothing about the idea of creation of public service broadcasting. The... [more]
MYMEDIA will provide scholarship for 8 students from Crimea, Donbas and Black Sea region
MYMEDIA will provide scholarship for 8 students from Crimea, Donbas and Black Sea region for MSc in Journalism and Media Communications. In 2014-2015 the School of Journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University will provide 8 MYMEDIA scholarship for students from Crimea, South and East regions of Ukraine. The scholarships will cover the costs of... [more]
62 applications were submitted for the contest organized by Telekritika about public service broadcasting
For the contest of journalistic materials about public service broadcasting that was set up by public organization Telekritika 62 materials were sent. Around 20 entries were from professional journalists, the rest from students faculty of journalism and public journalists. Applications were sent from all over Ukraine. The most of materials were... [more]
Belarus in Focus 2013: Winners of international journalism competition awarded
An award ceremony was held last week in Warsaw for the winners of Belarus in Focus 2013 - the third edition of a competition for journalists writing about Belarus for international media. The ceremony brought to a close a two-day workshop for 14 journalists, many of whom who had taken part in the competition. ‘Such gatherings’, said... [more]
Ukraine's TV Network BTB to Be Turned Into a Public Station
It was previously owned by an ally of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych. The Ukrainian TV network BTB, owned by tycoon and former deputy prime minister Sergei Arbuzov, an ally of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, is to be nationalized and turned into a public station.Ukraine's National Bank, which currently manages BTB, a station focused on... [more]
Belarus in focus: comments from Chair of Judges' Panel
This year’s competition brought a very broad variety of entries. In general, journalists both within and outside Belarus seem to be slowly recognizing that there are many facets to the country beyond the realm of politics. Thus we had articles on unemployment and homelessness, underground music, collective farms, and Belarusians living in... [more]
Appeal from Stop Censorship! movement about creation of Public service broadcasting
Appeal from Stop Censorship! movement Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Over the last twenty years, and especially during public confrontations and protests, public media were the most biased tool of public opinion’s manipulation. Events of the last... [more]
P24 Founding Member Yavuz Baydar received the European Press Prize for his efforts 'to build trust in journalism'
This is the second year of awards, increasingly regarded as the European equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. A special prize for 'particular excellence' went to the Turkish journalist Yavuz Baydar, columnist and former ombudsman of Sabah newspaper, for his efforts “to build trust in journalism”. Baydar was a joint recipient, alongside... [more]
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