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Would be journalists report on their professional collegues meeting
Young people from high schools in Lviv and Ternopil are reporting on the second edition of the Media Forum in Lviv, as part of media literacy project. Eighteen youngsters, aged from 14 to 17, prepare videos, take photos and write about the event that is by far the biggest gathering of Ukrainian journalists and politicians, who meet to discuss... [more]
Media Development Fundation launched the inter-regional exchange program
17 young journalists are already having a paid internship in the editorial offices all over Ukraine and receive monthly grants of $ 500. Applications for participation in the program in autumn-winter are expected until the end of October. Internship application may be submitted by journalism students and actual journalists under the age of 27... [more]
33 participants of the School of Political Reportage will cover the elections in regions
On September 26-27, the Ukrainian Catholic University with support of the MYMEDIA Program will conduct the School of Political Reportage, and on October 26 its participants will travel to the cities throughout Ukraine and will cover the election process there. 58 students applied for participation in the School, out of whom 33 have been... [more]
Eight students received MYMEDIA scholarships
Eight students enrolled in the Master's programs in Journalism and Media Communications of Ukrainian Catholic University received special working scholarships. Funds to cover the cost of their tuition and accommodation will be provided by MYMEDIA Project. Admissions commission, with the consent of MYMEDIA Project, awarded scholarships to those... [more]
Enrollment to the Second school of political reportage has started
Senior year students and young journalists will learn from the Ukrainian and Polish reportage journalists, and then will cover the elections in different parts of Ukraine. School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University, with support of MYMEDIA Project announced the enrollment to the Second School of Political Reportage, which will be... [more]
Second season of the project "Friends beyond Zbruch" kicked off
UCU School of Journalism announces enrollment to the second season of educational project "Friends beyond Zbruch". Students of 3rd, 4th and 5th years of study of all universities and specialties without any exception who reside in the eastern, northern, southern and central regions of Ukraine can participate. They will be able to attend master... [more]
On 9 July started MYMEDIA information campaign that monitors journalists’ compliance with professional standards. Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freymut will act as the face of the campaign. Journalists must always adhere to the standards of their profession. It is extremely important to comply with journalism standards during the... [more]
The places were allocated and winners announced and awarded on 4 July at ‘Illinskiy’ business centre within the framework of ‘The Journalist’s Safety While Working in Conflict Zone’ workshop organized by ‘Telekritika’ NGO. The first prize went to the material "Is there a recipe for a local online media... [more]
The winners were announced and awarded on 4 July at ‘Illinskiy’ business centre within the framework of ‘The Journalist’s Safety While Working in Conflict Zone’ workshop organized by ‘Telekritika’ NGO. "StopFake" Community, which since 2 March has been refuting the untruthful information spread by... [more]
Winners of "Ukrainian newsmaking in times of conflicts and hostilities" contest awarded
The results were announced and awards allocated on 4 July within the framework of ‘The Journalist’s Safety While Working in Conflict Zone’ workshop organized by ‘Telekritika’ NGO. The jury recommended not to award the first prize and start the allocation of places from the second. According to the jury, none of the... [more]
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