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17 students of the School of Journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University received scholarships from MYMEDIA
The students of the Master’s program of Journalism and Media Communications of Ukrainian Catholic University began their studies September, 1. Among students there were 17 holders of MYMEDIA fellowship from south-eastern and central regions of Ukraine. The scholarship covers full cost of the first studying term and living expenses in Lviv.... [more]
MYMEDIA supported translation of the Peter Pomerantsev's book about Russian propaganda
Master’s program of Media communications of the Ukrainian Catholic University, with the support of MYMEDIA, translated into Ukrainian the book by British journalist and TV producer Peter Pomerantsev “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible”. The book is devoted to the peculiarities of the function of Russian propaganda,... [more]
MYMEDIA sends journalists to apprenticeship in Belarus
Media Development Foundation and MYMEDIA start a new stage in Journalism Exchange Program – from now on journalists can get a paid internship not only in Ukrainian, but also in Belorussian media. Interns will be hosted in 4 independent media outlets: infotainment portal TUT.BY, news portal, broadcasting to Belarus from abroad... [more]
LVIV MEDIA FORUM:on the lack of freedom in Crimea, public broadcast and non-oligarchic media
On May 28-30, with the support of MYMEDIA,Lviv hosted the annual Lviv Media Forum. The speakers from the media and research centers of the world spoke on the same stage alongside the leading Ukrainian media experts. MYMEDIA initiated two forum discussions. They were "Crimean non-freedom” and “How non-oligarchic media can appear in... [more]
Chai Khana published 18 stories about Urbanisation in South Caucasus
In the beginning of May South Caucasian internet edition Chai Khana, launched with support of MYMEDIA, published a new series of stories about the problems of ecology and urbanization. There are 18 stories about architectural transformation of the regions, alternative energy, abandoned industrial zones and the problems of urban development.... [more]
Nowe Media is pleased to announce the opening of online votiong for the best gazette, prepared by 95 school teams of teachers and students all around Ukraine. You could give your voice to one of the 190 gazettes. Internet voting in the competition that ends the project “Our voice” in Ukraine has just begun. Voting system has been... [more]
Valeriy Ivanov: "Media education should be integrated into all school subjects"
"Starting with literature and computer sciences and ending with physical education, media education should be integrated into all school subjects", says Valeriy Ivanov, the president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press. During the conference “Practical Literacy: International Experience and Ukrainian Prospects" that took place on April... [more]
Michael Andersen: “Nowhere, except the USA, there is democracy without Public Broadcasting”
MYMEDIA is going to support reformation of NSTU and public service broadcasting in Ukraine. Now Danish organization is one of the main sponsors of NSTU, together with BBC, Deutsche Welle, German ambassy, USAID, Internews and the Council of Europe. Today apart from financial support, MYMEDIA helps NTU with high-quality content: the program is... [more]
Chai khana presented 20 multimedia stories about women rights in south Сaucasus
Internet magazine Chai Khana created with support of MYMEDIA, prepared a series of materials about daily life and problems of women in South Caucasus – in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and presented it on the 8th of March. A team of journalists from the above countries worked on this issue, and problems raised were equally urgent for... [more]
"Time to lie" will be broadcasted on Espreso.TV
Aru Television – is a socio-political TV channel that with support of MYMEDIA resists Kremlin propaganda in Eastern Europe. From now on satirical sketch “Time to lie” is going to be broadcasted in Ukraine every Friday at 19.00 together with “Evening TV express” on Natalia Fedorishin, producer on,... [more]
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