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ChaiKhana won two awards at ADAMI Media Prize
Internet platform Chai Khana, created with the support of MYMEDIA, received two awards at the international contest ADAMI Media Prize 2015; it won the best Internet video award and best website award. ADAMI Media Prize targeted TV- and online materials on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in Eastern Europe. It received one hundred... [more]
Caucasus project Chai Khana nominated for Adami Media Prize
Internet outlet Chai Khana has been nominated for two awards at the international contest ADAMI Media Prize for the best website and the best Internet video. Both the site and the video have been created with the financial support from MYMEDIA. The competition, which is held for the first time this year, has collected TV and online pieces on... [more]
The book by Peter Pomerantsev is nominated by The Guardian
The non-fiction book "Nothing id true and everything is possible" by Peter Pomerantsev is shortlisted for the "Book of the year" award by the Guardian. UCU School of Journalism translated the book this autumn with support of MYMEDIA. Apart form the Peter Pomerantsev's book, 5 other works were nominated. Among them are Man v Nature by Diane Cook,... [more]
EBU Members increase solidarity for NTU
EBU Members Danish Radio and TV2 Denmark each offer 52 hours of TV programmes to Ukrainian Member NTU. NTU is facing challenging reforms and is in urgent need for programmes. German Member ARD recently provided programme support, and now Danish Radio DR and TV2 Denmark are stepping up offering a total of 104 hours of TV programmes. Some of the... [more]
UCU has conducted the School of Political Reportage with MYMEDIA support
33 young journalists and the students of journalism departments went to explore 17 small towns of Ukraine, and brought 17 reportages about the local elections. Their materials were published on Radio Liberty, Ukrainska Pravda,, The Insider, ZIK, and other renowned media outlets. All their works can be found here. Before... [more]
Media Development Foundation: a year of operating
MYMEDIA is a strong supporter of the work done by the NGO Media Development Foundation (MDF) launched by the iv Post in 2014 - check out the possibilities for YOU to work with MDF: Within the year of operating, MDF has trained over 200 journalists through projects. Over 35 newsrooms around Ukraine hosted young journalists for paid internships,... [more]
20 stories to commemorate 20th anniversary of Kyiv Post
The Kyiv Post - one of MYMEDIA's closet partners - turned 20 a couple of days ago. Congratulations to the paper which many in Ukraine consider to be the most independent media in the country. Here is what the Post's friends had to say: [more]
Ukrainians to watch popular Danish TV shows
Ukrainians are provided with hours of Danish TV shows, as part of Denmark’s investment in a modernization of Ukraine’s public service media. How is the classic Danish TV show “Taxa” related to Ukraine? In the years to come, this question will be answered, as two Danish broadcasters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have... [more]
Pomerantsev’s book got to top-20 best books on Publisher’s Forum
The Ukrainian translation of “Nothing is true and everything is possible” by British journalist and documentary filmmaker Peter Pomerantsev, got to the top-20 best books of the year on the Publisher’s Forum in Lviv. The book was published and translated with support of MYMEDIA “We hoped a lot that the book will receive... [more]
Master-plan of the future multimedia newsroom for Ukrainian PSB
A team of experts from Danish Public Service Broadcasters DR and TV2, together with the representatives of Ukrainian TV channel UA:Перший, created a master-plan of the future multimedia newsroom for Ukrainian PSB. It contains the budget of building and launching of the newsroom, a detailed description of its functioning and work-flow, as well as... [more]
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