About Competition

Objective, launched in July 2013, is a new media development project and joint venture of Niras/BBC funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry. The project will run for four years in seven countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Accepting works finished
Opening date: 13.07.2013
Closing date:31.12.2014

The program has investigative journalism as a top priority. Objective will give financial support to investigations, offer mentoring to journalists, as well as conduct a number of workshops. Cross-border projects between journalists will also be a part of Objective.

A call for applications will be disseminated periodically.

Objective has identified the following topics to be of particular interest:

  • Ukraine/Belarus/Moldova and the European Union
  • Nuclear energy
  • Corporate investigations (off-shore, tax, violations of legal standards, etc)
  • Investigating national and local authorities
  • Environment issues
  • Politics and economics in the 1990s
  • Barriers to democratic progress

Investigations on other topics are also welcome.

Your application should include:

  • Date
  • Applicant name/address/telephone/cell phone/email address/CV
  • A short description of the project title, description/hypothesis and significance
  • Amount of time required/estimated deadline
  • Amount of funding needed
  • Itemized budget

The program supports written, audio, video and multimedia materials.

Applications and the finished materials can be in any language of the region.

Objective retains the right to publish all supported materials simultaneously with the producing journalist’s own media of choice, as well as disseminating all materials produced within the programme for free after the initial publication.

Applications will be evaluated and chosen projects/journalists will be informed of funding decisions. Dates and places of workshops will be announced separately.

Applications should be sent to Objective regional coordinator Brian Bonner — editorobjective2@gmail.com

Competitive materials

Fatih Pinar ()

Remains of twenty-six people were found in the basement of the apartment building Number 23 on Bostancı Street of Cizre’s Cudi District after the government-imposed curfew and siege that lasted for seventy-nine days from 14 December 2015 to 2 March 2016.[read more]

Kostyantyn Chernichkin, Kyivpost
Oksana Grytsenko, Kyivpost (Ukraine)

Among factors that will lead to an upsurge: the dislocation of more than 100,000 people in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts because of the fighting, inadequate access to some diagnostic centers and interrupted treatment – which can be worse than no treatment at all.[read more]

Anastasia Vlasova, Kyivpost
Anastasia Vlasova, Christopher J. Miller (Ukraine)

Resting at the foot of Ukraine’s lush Carpathian Mountains is the bedroom community of Kalush in western Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, home to some 64,000 people.[read more]

Dumitru Lazur, Irina Codrean (Moldova)

A vanity project started by Azerbaijan to honor former President Heydar Aliyev, whose son is the current president of the former Soviet republic, has turned into a huge scandal. [read more]

Oksana Lyachynska (Ukraine)

Ukraine’s closer integration with the European Union is expected to reap benefits in an important but often overlooked area: an improved environment, which in turn could help Ukrainians lead longer and healthier lives.[read more]

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  • 2Mandatory conditions of using MYMEDIA materials are an indication of their authorship, pointing mymedia.org as the primary source and an active link to the original material on our site.
  • 3If only part of material is republished it must be mentioned in the text.
  • 4No changes of the content, names or facts, mentioned in material, are allowed as well as its other transformations that can cause distortion of the meaning and intent of the author.
  • 5MYMEDIA reserves the right at any time to revoke the permission to use our materials.
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