Anastasia Vlasova, Kyivpost
Today, around 300,000 call Crimea home. But most believe their livelihood is in danger, now that Russia effectively controls the peninsula and is seeking to take Crimea under its governance. [more]
Anastasia Vlasova, Kyivpost
A group of pro-Russia Crimean cossacks and militiamen surround government buildings in Crimea on March 6, the same day the autonomous republic's parliament voted to hold a referendum March 16 on whether to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. [more]
Kharkiv Mayor Hennadiy Kernes, who heads Ukraine's second largest city with more than 1.5 million people, walks into his vast office from the back door this week, stares at his Apple computer screen and says “Let's start.” [more]
It was a safe house turned into a press center where Donetsk's self-proclaimed governor gathered international journalists to say a word about his separatist aims for the nation's most populous oblast, with 10 percent of Ukraine's population, in the nation's industrial heartland. [more]
Some 50 pro-Russian men in support of closer ties with Russia confronted a group of women holding signs asking for peace and unity in Ukraine. [more]
After blocking Ukrainian military bases in Crimea on March 2, Russia issued ultimatums to the Ukrainian army on March 3 to surrender by 5 a.m. on March 4 or face a “military storm”. [more]
Соціологи Ірина Бекешкіна та Володимир Паніотто оцінили опитування школярів, яке викликало скандал у соціальних мережах [more]
Cancillería del Ecuador via flickr
Media crackdown in Turkey after the attempt of military coup. [more]
How much will changes in energy sector cost? [more]
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