MYMEDIA decided to find out why the state did not finance Ukrainian PSB properly, how the underfunding will affect its work and how to survive with a budget that accounted for the half of the promised one. [more]
Recently, a team of UA: First returned from a trip to Denmark that was organized by MYMEDIA. They visited the largest Danish TV-channels DR and TV2, and told us what they learned and whether they could apply the new knowledge in the future multimedia newsroom of Ukrainian public broadcaster. [more]
«UA: First" presented the business plan of the future newsroom to its potential donors and investors. It needs the funding of around 3 to 5 million Euros. Is it possible to find such a sum, and who is willing to invest in the newsroom of the public broadcaster? This is what we have asked the guests during the presentation. [more]
iPhone and MacBook for every journalist, three-shifts schedule, and almost unstoppable broadcast. This is how Danish and Ukrainian teams of media experts see the work of the newsroom at First Channel. For almost three weeks, they have been developing a plan for the future newsroom; and MYMEDIA already knows all the details and parts. [more]
Danish media experts (not without help of MYMEDIA) chose to participate in a huge gamble: they decided to create the multimedia newsroom on the First National channel. They’ve got equipment from the last century, the bureaucratic mountains, and journalists who have never worked on cross-media platforms before. What will they make out of it? We tried to find out. [more]
On April 7, a new logo, name and future programs of the former First National were presented in the “Mystetskyi Arsenal.” MYMEDIA ‘fished out’ 10 media experts at the presentation and asked them what they think about innovations and whether the latter will help to raise the channel’s rating. [more]
Соціологи Ірина Бекешкіна та Володимир Паніотто оцінили опитування школярів, яке викликало скандал у соціальних мережах [more]
Cancillería del Ecuador via flickr
Media crackdown in Turkey after the attempt of military coup. [more]
How much will changes in energy sector cost? [more]
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