MYMEDIA talked to Ceyda Ulukaya, a Turkish journalist and Objective grant-holder by MYMEDIA, who has been collecting data on murders of women in Turkey for over one year. She created an interactive map, which includes details of Turkish femicides for the last 5 years. [more]
Reporters say the government is pursuing one of the worst crackdowns on press freedoms since the military junta in 1980s [more]
On Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities banned the country’s top television anchor, Savik Shuster, from working in the country. The government’s action prompted corresponding outrage. [more]
Alamy, The Guardian
The push for traffic means that clicks rule – even if the facts don’t check out. A series of tweets about a trip to McDonald’s became a story, even though the poster admitted they were ‘embellished’ [more]
Something alarming is happening to the Panama Papers scandal in Ukraine.Not only did Poroshenko keep silence about the matter for as long as possible, but surprisingly, civil society played along and did everything to bury the scandal. [more]
During her six years as the representative on freedom of the media of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Dunja Mijatović has seen an erosion of press freedom in many of the organization’s 57 member states. [more]
Соціологи Ірина Бекешкіна та Володимир Паніотто оцінили опитування школярів, яке викликало скандал у соціальних мережах [more]
Cancillería del Ecuador via flickr
Media crackdown in Turkey after the attempt of military coup. [more]
How much will changes in energy sector cost? [more]
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