“Belarus? at Christmas? You can forget it. No way!” – this was my girlfriend’s predictable response when I first suggested going to Europe’s least-known and probably least fashionable travel destination sometime in early 2012, perhaps fancifully imagining a romantic, alternative festive holiday to the usual over-indulgence. [more]
Scandal has erupted in Belarus after it was revealed the winner of the Miss Minsk beauty contest worked as a stripper and lived a life far removed from the shy and demure lifestyle portrayed in the competition. [more]
If someone asked me which place in Minsk I consider to be the heart of the capital, it would be easy to answer. [more]
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After crossing the Poland-Belarus border, the landscape changes dramatically. The place of shredded fields and overgrowing meadows is taken by enormous fields and thousands of hectares of rye, beets, barley and corn. [more]
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In Belarus, the most vivid, original and interesting music is based solely below the surface of society. It is not supported by government institutions and is often completely ignored. [more]
In February 2011, in Minsk, another building scandal erupted. In the executive committee a plan for a partial demolition of the residential settlement of Tractor Works and for building comfortable multi-storeyed buildings in its place was announced. [more]
Соціологи Ірина Бекешкіна та Володимир Паніотто оцінили опитування школярів, яке викликало скандал у соціальних мережах [more]
Cancillería del Ecuador via flickr
Media crackdown in Turkey after the attempt of military coup. [more]
How much will changes in energy sector cost? [more]
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