Yevgeny Afineevsky, director of the documentary film “Winter on Fire” talked to MYMEDIA about how to get Hollywood interested in a documentary about Euro Maidan, how to sell films to a video service that has over 75 million subscribers, and how it feels to get nominated for Oscar. [more]
According to the latest reports, preparations have sped up to present Turkish voters with a referendum sometime in the next six months on whether or not the country should transition to a new presidential system. [more]
MYMEDIA decided to find out why the state did not finance Ukrainian PSB properly, how the underfunding will affect its work and how to survive with a budget that accounted for the half of the promised one. [more]
A vicious diatribe recently exploded on the Russian Internet between several Ukrainian journalists and bloggers on one side, and prominent Russian opposition bloggers and activists on the other. [more]
Hundreds of people across Azerbaijan have been gathering in city centers and in front of government buildings demanding jobs and protesting against price hikes, devaluation and soaring unemployment. [more]
Olga Yudina tells how she was sued for her journalistic investigation about the public procurement deals of Social Insurance Fund – a state agency that operates billions of hryvnias, that was supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project. [more]
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