In the environment of civil unrest and ongoing separatist movements in the eastern regions of Ukraine, during March-April 2014, repeated cases of obstruction of journalists` professional activity occurred with the use of force. [more]
Anastasia Vlasova, Kyivpost
Amid reports of casualties on both sides as Ukrainian forces battle pro-Russian militias in Sloviansk, other heavily armed separatists in military uniforms continued to seize or attempt to take over other Ukrainian government buildings or strategic locations in Donetsk Oblast, home to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and 10 percent of Ukraine's population. [more]
Anastasia Vlasova
Dozens of pro-Russian armed men holding the Security Service of Ukraine headquarters don't put down their Kalashnikovs, even in the dining room. Since April 6, when the gunmen seized the government building, they and their hundreds of their supporters in a tent camp outside say they are ready for a police attack at any moment. [more]
Anastasia Vlasova
After several unpleasant incidents in Mykolayiv and Odessa, Oleg Tsariov, a member of parliament with the former ruling Party of Regions and a candidate in the May 25 presidential election, found a friendlier greeting in the far eastern provincial capital of Luhansk. [more]
Kostyantyn Chernichkin
uriy Dyachyshyn/AFP/Getty
“I can’t even tell whether we’re at war or not - it feels so unreal,” said Olga Myrovych, an administrator at the Ukrainian Catholic University, when she picked me up from the airport in Lviv, Ukraine. [more]
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