Anastasia Vlasova, Oksana Grytsenko, Kyivpost
The people who lost relatives or property are angry with the Ukrainian military forces for damaging their cities and with the current government authorities for not visiting them since the death and destruction. [more]
SLOVIANSK, Ukraine – For 45 years, Tamara Fyodorovna has called Sloviansk home. During that time it had been “a peaceful city” of 120,000 people in Donetsk Oblast. Everything changed in April, when it became the focal point of Ukraine’s anti-terrorist operation against Russia-backed separatists who had garrisoned in the city. [more]
"Telekritika" has found representatives of the largest tobacco companies in Ukraine who have agreed to share on how their work is arranged with points of sale/retail outlets: how much is paid to owners of kiosks for placing equipment in the windows, how they are instructed on evading of advertisement law and on what terms do sales promoters and consultants work. [more]
DOVZHANSKIY BORDER CROSSING, Ukraine – Dozens of spent bullet casings are strewn across pavement scarred by the tracks of armored vehicles. A café and an auto body shop are blown to bits, their bricks and mortar reduced to rubble. [more]
Firmly in control on July 2, border guards worked to repair what they could at the border crossing and built up barricades with sandbags in front of two armored vehicles, the barrels of their machineguns aimed toward the rebels who had retreated to a checkpoint some 21 kilometers down the highway. [more]
DONETSK, Ukraine – New battles raged in Ukraine’s east on July 1 as President Petro Poroshenko announced the end of a shaky 10-day ceasefire and said a new “active phase” of the government’s “anti-terrorist operation” would restart to quash pro-Russian separatists. [more]
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